Strip Outs

Strip-Outs can include the removal of the following

If work needs to be done outside of normal business hours we can cater for this.

All waste is removed from site and anything that can be recycled is, to minimise the impact on landfill.

A strip out is a process where buildings are prepared for renovation or restoration. A complete strip out process provides for the safe removal and disposal of any hazardous materials before taking the interior back to the bare bones. Throughout the strip out process, the structure and integrity of the building is preserved and retained.
Merhi Group are committed to customer satisfaction and will work with you to develop a schedule where the work is undertaken during your preferred hours. This minimises any inconvenience and disruption to the site, helping to keep surrounding neighbours or building occupants happy.
Because we have the equipment and know how to work efficiently, we can deliver a complete strip out and site preparation service which takes care of the job from start to finish.
Expert strip outs service in Melbourne

Expert strip outs service in Melbourne

If you are looking for an economical, effective and convenient way of giving a new life to your existing building, then strip outs demolition service is what you need to opt for.

Our team of demolition contractors in Melbourne has over 25 years of experience in stripping out interior elements of commercial and residential structures alike and therefore whatever your strip outs need might be, they are qualified to cater to it all. From internal/partition wall removal to removing AC ducts, windows, wooden floorboards, tiles, and ceilings, our strip outs experts in Melbourne specialize in it all and will use all their skills and expertise to ensure that you don’t encounter any roadblocks during the process.

We handle the work with extra care and comply with the Victorian Regulations and Standards to provide you with a safe and efficient experience.

Why opt for strip outs?

Are you bored of the look of your residential or commercial space and does a complete or partial demolition seem like a way too inconvenient option? If yes, then our strip outs service in Melbourne is the right fit for you. Maybe it is your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or commercial space. We will strip them of their ceilings, floorboards, AC ducts, or windows as per your plan and make space for all the upgrades that you have envisioned. While a complete demolition may seem too expensive you can opt for strip outs, an economical way of revamping your entire space.

Why choose us as your strip outs specialists in Melbourne?

End-to-end project management

When you choose us for your strip outs in Melbourne you open yourself to the assistance of experts who will provide you with end-to-end project management service without any need for your interference. From acquiring the necessary permits from the council, taking all the necessary safety precautions to cleaning up your site of the strip outs waste and getting it recycled, over services would cover it all.

An experienced and expert team

The contractors who will look after your strip outs in Melbourne have years of experience in dealing with projects of all kinds. So, no matter how complex the work that you wish to undertake is, our experts would proceed with a proper plan and proceed with a proper plan.

Fully insured and licensed team

When it comes to demolition services of any kind, you can never proceed without fulfilling all the necessary legal requirements. This involves acquiring all the necessary permits and hiring a company that is fully insured and has all the necessary licenses. We are a company that has all the necessary licenses including VBA and EPA registrations to ensure that your strip outs work in Melbourne doesn’t get hindered in any way. Also, our team will assist you in acquiring all the necessary permits from the council.
Strip Outs work in Melbourne

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