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Asbestos is a material that is commonly found in all houses built prior to 1985 which was used in the cement sheet found in the lining of eaves around the house, in kitchens and commonly in wet areas, for example, behind tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, externally in cement sheet cladding, faux brick and cement weatherboard cladding. Initially, asbestos was phased out in 1985 after research indicated that exposure to the material causes deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung disease.

Merhi Group employ a Worksafe Victoria Licenced Asbestos Removalist-H18/01768. 

All our Asbestos removal works are carried out in strict accordance with Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, OHS Regulations 2017 . All our projects are registered with WorkSafe Victoria before commencement and asbestos waste is transported to an EPA approved waste facility in one of our EPA registered vehicles An independently issued Asbestos clearance certificate is provided at the completion of the removal process and prior to demolition Melbourne works.

Expert Asbestos Removal in Melbourne

The health hazards associated with asbestos are numerous and therefore to create a space free of such hazards, indulging in asbestos removal is like a necessary evil. If not undertaken while taking proper precautionary measures, this process could be quite dangerous but you don’t have to worry about any of it because we are a team of Victoria Class B Worksafe Licensed Asbestos Removalists, all equipped to take care of all your asbestos removal needs in Melbourne.

So, if you have been delaying asbestos removal at your residential or commercial space, get in touch with us today and indulge in the safest asbestos abatement procedure.
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Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors

When it comes to asbestos removal in Melbourne, the service that we provide is comprehensive. Our services include everything starting from removal, inspection, testing to cleaning to ensure that you don’t have to worry about any of it during your professional engagement with us. We will begin with the abatement procedure while taking all the necessary precautionary measures, conduct testing to ensure that your place is no longer exposed to asbestos, and undertake the eventual cleaning to provide you with a holistic experience. You can always trust our asbestos removal contractors to follow only the best practices in the industry and always be there to undertake your work in the most convenient, affordable, and safest manner.

Why choose us as your Asbestos Removalists in Melbourne

Fully licensed asbestos removalists

We hold a Worksafe Victoria Class B Asbestos Removal License for safe management and removal of asbestos and we abide by the Victorian safety standards and regulations to ensure that your work proceeds without any mishappenings or roadblocks. Also, we are fully insured and have all the other necessary licenses including EPA and VBA registrations to be your trusted demolition partners in Melbourne.

A team of experienced asbestos removalists

We have an experience of over 2 decades and we use the experience gained over the course of this journey to offer our clients a perfect demolition experience every time. With every work undertaken by us, we have polished our skills and we put it all towards ensuring a proper, efficient and safe flow of your work.

Reliable asbestos testing

We also offer asbestos testing service which is conducted before and after the asbestos abatement process. After your enquiry, we will be inspecting your site to identify the level of asbestos exposure and once we successfully undertake the asbestos removal process, we will be testing the site again to make sure that the work was completed without any loopholes.

A line of satisfied customers

We don’t just claim to be an efficient team of asbestos removal contractors in Melbourne but have a long line of customers to vouch for our skills and the dedication with which we undertake every work assigned to us. Our client testimonials echo our skills and expertise and re-establish the fact that we are your best pick when it comes to asbestos removal in Melbourne.

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