Demolition process

Our residential demolition steps include:


Merhi Group understands that every job is unique, and our professional estimator will provide you a free quote specific to your project. To provide you with the most accurate quote for your project our expert estimator accesses the outside of your property and if required the back yard, walking throughout the site, noting any structures such as pools, sheds and landscaping features. Once a quote is received by our office staff, we will email you the quote and call you to discuss what approach we think would be best for your demolition Melbourne, VIC project, talking you through the process and answering any questions required to be clarified.

Upon accepting the Quote

Upon acceptance of the quote, we will issue our contract including a checklist of all the things required by you, the site owner to arrange as well as permission for us to organize the demolition permit.

A section 29a application is completed by our office staff and sent out to the appropriate council. Depending on the council and providing there are no complications it usually can take up to 20 working days to issue us the form B response, which is a Heritage Check that forms part of a Demolition (Building) Permit.

If there are any structures such as a garage or shed on the boundary, a Form 3 & 4 Protection Work Notice organised by Merhi Group at no further cost which will be given to neighbour who shares that wall


Asbestos is a material that is commonly found in all houses built prior to 1985 which was used in the cement sheet found in the lining of eaves around the house, in kitchens and commonly in wet areas, for example, behind tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, externally in cement sheet cladding, faux brick and cement weatherboard cladding. Initially, asbestos was phased out in 1985 after research indicated that exposure to the material causes deadly diseases such as mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung disease.

Due to the serious health risks that Asbestos may cause it can only be removed by a Licences asbestos removalist who is Registered with Worksafe. Merhi Group arranges this process and is included in the quote given. We provide our client a Clearance Certificate prior to completion of removal.

The only time that Asbestos will not be added to the quote is when it is found buried in the ground or under concrete slabs which often means that they are not discovered until excavation begins. Once sighted the client will be contacted and requested to go to the site before any further work is completed and based on the severity of the asbestos found a variation will be added to the original quote.

Asset Protection Permit

Strictly, all Councils require the site owner to take out an Asset Protection Permit, this will need to be lodged and obtained by the client.


It is the client’s responsibility to contact the power and gas providers to arrange abolishment of these services which can take approximately 4 weeks. However, in order to save time, it’s best to lodge both the gas and power abolishment applications at the same time.

If phone cables are overhead, they will be cut by us on the day of demolition. However, underground phone lines will require you to contact the service provider to be removed

Site fencing (Temporary Fencing)

Temporary fencing is mandatory and is required to be arranged by the client once the property has been signed over for demolition which restricts public access as it becomes a building site. The office staff at Merhi Group will be able to help refer you to a company used by most of their clients.

Once the building permits, asbestos removal, abolishment of gas and electricity services are complete and temporary fencing is put up the machines are ready to move in and the building is demolished. The house demolishing process can take a day to a few days depending on the size of the house, footings, extra buildings, pools, or delays which can occur.

Upon completion of the demolition of the property, and vegetation the job site will be left bare corner to corner, it will be groomed, and track rolled. It will be a blank slate, and clean of any debris ready for your dream project to commence.

A Final Inspection Certificate is provided to the owner upon completion.

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