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    Partial Demolition Melbourne contractors Merhi Group, help property owners release the maximum financial value of their building and its location.

    To undertake effective partial demolition Melbourne and the surrounding area requires an experienced eye and hand, from a company with an excellent reputation for such work. Working from a blueprint, preserving the foundations, and maintaining the structural integrity, is a work for seasoned experts, like the team here at Merhi Group.

    Without extensive experience, simple mistakes can lead to extensive damage. This is of increased importance in a heritage conservation area where both public safety and preserving the integrity of the original building, and gaining council approval for proposed work, is often vital.

    Partial Demolition Services

    Wherever you are located throughout the city of Melbourne itself, or the surrounding area, our experienced, family-owned business team, will understand the location and its requirements. We have gained this vital level of know-how having carefully-planned and skillfully undertaken many such projects during the last twenty years.

    Rather than a complete demolition, partial demolition services are often needed in specific situations such as these:

    • An exterior wall is to be removed to allow for the seamless adding of an extension to provide increased living space
    • A load-bearing wall is removed to allow existing rooms to be enlarged or enhanced
    • Outdated or defective plumbing now requires removal and replacement
    • A building needs to be brought into compliance with changing building codes

    For the above, and many other situations and sites where only partial demolition services are required, our careful expertise helps our clients to build on the potential, or retain the original character or charm, of the best of what is already in place.

    Choosing Merhi Group to meet your partial

    Demolition services requirements

    For such challenging, and often delicate, partial demolition services work, the fact that we can bring our two decades of experience to the project, is vital. When you add this knowledge to an unmatched commitment to safe practice, an understanding of both time and budget constraints, and a complete post work clean-up, you have a raft of powerful reasons why so many of our clients use us on a regular basis and recommend our services to many others.

    We are also extremely passionate about maximising recycling possibilities (with an 80% achievement level). Our Merhi Group team sort, strip and salvage without any extra addition to your project costs. As you would expect, we are a fully accredited company, with up to A$20M public liability insurance, and we are certified by the Registration of Building Practitioners Victoria.

    If you are requiring expert partial demolition services to maximise the possibilities for your property.

    Please contact us now. As you would expect, we offer a free initial inspection and detailed, pressure-free competitive quote.

    A few of our Demolition Projects
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