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    Partial Demolitions Melbourne

    A partial demolition company is an option property owners have to explore engaging with, to unlock the maximum potential of a particular real estate asset. As its name implies, it’s selective in nature – removing only certain parts of a structure instead of its entirety. By doing so, one gets to preserve the foundation and make way for much-needed improvements and extensions.

    Just because a partial demolition takes down parts, it doesn’t mean it’s any easier. Careful planning is still a requisite since tearing down walls will mean removing portions of any pre-existing electrical, plumbing, and cable systems. The slightest mistake here could ruin the structural integrity of the building’s foundations and services, leading you to invest in massive overhauls and costly repairs.

    As the project goes underway, the team involved needs to have sufficient, even in-depth, knowledge of the building’s blueprint. This is to ensure that the area demolished won’t affect the building’s structural integrity. The team will have to reroute any existing plumbing, electrical, and cable components before the job can commence.

    But why do property investors go certain lengths to take down parts of a real estate asset? The truth is that specific construction projects cannot proceed without selectively tearing down problematic features. It may even be the only recourse for the following situations:

    • Enlarging existing rooms –Taking down a load-bearing wall is often done to create more space for a specific area or room. 
    • Adding extensions – An exterior wall will have to be demolished to annex new and old parts of a building, allowing both areas to flow smoothly into the other.
    • Bringing the building up to code – When you want to install the latest Internet cable technology or update specific areas to bring them up to current building codes, this selective construction procedure will be necessary.
    • Replacing defective plumbing – A severely outdated plumbing needs to be replaced because simply fixing leaks as they come will become financially impractical at a certain juncture. You will have to take down selected areas within the affected property when the time comes.

    As it turns out, wrecking something doesn’t always need to be destructive. Selective demolishing builds upon the potential of a structure and paves the way for better functionality, after all.

    Partial House Demolition

    Under certain circumstances, it’s practical to consider a partial house demolition project rather than a full house demolition. This is of importance when wanting to retain the original charm and floor plan of a particular property. 

    Partial demolition contractors use their expertise, to help expand the living space in case the local council changes the rules concerning setbacks—the distance from the property’s border you’re permitted to build your home. Of course, a large amount of care and attention is required to perform such a delicate project.

    Partial Demolition in a Conservation Area

    A partial demolition in a conservation area is a complex undertaking in itself. If it happens that a building has heritage significance or is located within a heritage conservation area, the amount of demolition that can be done is often limited. The primary goal here is to preserve the historical integrity of the original building as much as possible.

    For such a challenging job, the expertise of a partial demolition company is necessary. Assessments will be done to see if a historically significant structure can be partially altered on the grounds of structural integrity and public safety. It is only after such reports are completed and approved by Council that any subsequent modifications can proceed.

    If you have questions, contact Merhi Group and we will help you to learn everything you need to know about the demolition process.

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    Why Choose Merhi Group?
    Licensed Building Demolisher

    We are a Building Practitioners Board Licensed Building Demolisher (Low Rise Buildings). This enures all works are completed to a high standard.

    Asbestos Certification

    Asbestos is a serious matter. We hold a Class B Asbestos Removal Certification for safe management and removal. We can safely cater for your asbestos requirements.

    EPA Licenced Company

    The environment is very important to us. We hold an EPA Licence for safe transport of prescribed waste and materials to an EPA approved waste facility.

    Fully Insured & Competitive

    Not only do we have public liability insurance cover up to 10 Millions dollars to help put your mind at ease but our rates are also extremely competitive.

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