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House Demolition Melbourne

Residential Demolition

Merhi Group is a leading provider of domestic demolition at competitive prices.

Commercial Demolition Company

Commercial Demolition

See our experience and demolition services for industrial and commercial sites.

Industrial Demolition Melbourne

Industrial Demolition

Merhi Group’s experienced demolition team will take on any industrial project in Victoria.

Office Strip Out Melbourne

Office Strip Outs

Merhi Group offers you an experienced Melbourne team specialsing in office strip outs.

Asbestos Removal Melbourne

Asbestos Removal

Highly experienced and trained professionals in the safe removal of asbestos.

Demolition Process

Demolition Process

Read Merhi Group’s detailed process for undertaking residential demolition in Melbourne.

Merhi group demolition

We provide complete demolition services for industrial, commercial and residential properties in preparation for new builds or partial demolition for renovations.

Merhi Group Pty Ltd is an Australian family owned business specializing in over 20 years’ experience in the demolition industry. Our customer focused friendly staff have established a range of systems that encompasses our strong principles as we continue to build our success and the growth that we strive for. We take pride in being a reliable company and forming a solid partnership with our clients who in return continue to use our demolition services and refer their family and friends. We service Victoria, Melbourne Metro City and the surrounding Country areas.

Merhi Group Pty Ltd offers professional and efficient services specialising in general and partial demolitions of residential, industrial and commercial sites in preparation for new development projects. From the start to finish of your project, our focused and professional team that is dedicated to deliver will be by your side, ensuring that everything goes to plan. We also ensure a hassle-free complete clean-up of the site after the completion of demolition service making sure that there is no debris left. This is why we are the demolition specialists that you can trust to do your job right.

We aim to optimize the demolition cost and comply with our client’s budget, but never compromise on the quality of service we provide. Our extensive experience and knowledge ensures that your projects are completed in the fastest and most effective manner. We take pride in our professional and safe work ethics to complete the job on time and to meet your expectations.
The services rendered by Merhi Group Pty Ltd also includes concrete and soil removal, internal and external strip outs, excavation and site clearing and preparations, civil works and asbestos removals.

What we
can do for you

Merhi Group Pty Ltd offers a free quote/no obligation inspection for every project. Furthermore, we will provide you with a detailed quote which includes of all expected costs and so that you can make an informed decision without any further expenses. Merhi Group Pty Ltd is certified by Registration of Building Practitioners Victoria. We are a fully accredited company and we hold necessary public liability insurance.

Merhi Group also has a strong focus on recycling and we always endeavour to sort, strip and salvage all possible materials for each and every project. We recycle over 80% of the following materials such as concrete, timber, metal, solid bricks and green waste from every demolition project without burdening our clients with additional costs. Importantly, this also means less waste to landfills and a big green boost for your project’s environmental performance.

With our impeccable safety record and considerable industry experience, we’ve built a solid reputation in the industry that we are proud.

Merhi Group Pty Ltd Abide By:
Australian Standard AS2601: The demolition of structures (AS 2601)
Building Act 1993
Building Regulations 2006
Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004


A few of our Demolition Projects

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