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    Melbourne house demolition company Merhi Group is licenced to provide comprehensive house demolition services in preparation for new builds or partial demolition for renovations of house extensions.

    A house demolition in Melbourne may be the only recourse in situations where keeping or maintaining the property isn’t worth the effort. When the building doesn’t adhere to local building codes or nurses a weakened foundation due to age, demolishing will allow property owners to take the structure down to make room for new, better construction.

    As a homeowner, you may recognise when keeping a house needlessly drains your financial resources. When you come to the decision of pursuing a house demolition, you can go for a partial or complete demolition. The former partially tears down parts while preserving the foundation to make room for remodelling and the latter takes down the entire structure.

    House Demolition Contractors

    House demolition contractors in Melbourne not only pave the way for home improvements or upgrades but also get rid of problematic residential structures.

    There are times when local authorities change building codes or local regulations and it forces homeowners to make expensive renovations that wouldn’t increase the value of their estate. It may be surprising but getting the house demolished by experts to build a new one (that is up to code) is cheaper than pursuing extensive renovations.

    Another case where a home demolition may be critical is when a house extensively uses toxic chemicals e.g. mercury, asbestos, lead, and polychlorinated biphenyls. This is often the case when the structure is old and has been with the family for generations. Take note that professionals may be needed to remove the said hazardous materials, though.

    Houses that have been unoccupied for a good amount of time will have to be demolished as well, especially when they have become home to pests e.g. rats, bees, termites. Although you may be inclined to get professional pest control treatment for this, severe infestations that cannot be solved by extermination may need to bring in house demolition contractors.

    Residential Demolition Melbourne

    Residential demolition Melbourne contractors put homeowners in a great position to improve their property or rebuild completely. While most reasons to pursue demolition vary, those reasons are often out of the property owner’s control. One thing common in these situations is that the building no longer adds value to the land where it stands. As a matter of fact, an old and run-down structure decreases it.

    With a timely residential demolition project, you can pave the way for the construction of your dream home. This is the best option if renovating the current structure costs more than a demolition. In addition to this, tearing down the residence is a viable option when it is too old and the stability of its foundation is severely compromised. Demolition helps you minimise this risk and gives you the space you need to construct a safer and sturdier home without forking out for an expensive restoration project.

    Whether you’re taking down an old residence that is beyond help or planning to sell a vacant lot, a residential demolition jump-starts the plan. Before you get on with the project, however, make sure to do thorough research and consult with demolition experts so you can weigh and plan the whole thing well.

    Full Demolition Service:

    Merhi Group provide comprehensive residential demolition services throughout Victoria, Melbourne Metro City and the surrounding Country areas in preparation for new builds or partial demolition for renovations.

    When it comes to Merhi Group we are committed to providing our clients the best possible outcome whilst adhering to safety, government, industry and environmental standards. We understand that the demolition process can be complex, navigating planning permits, abolition of services to properties and dealing with councils, therefore we endeavour to guide and provide our clients step by step to get through the demolition stage.

    As licenced home demolition contractors in Melbourne Merhi Group’s licenced team provide a full service solution to its valued clients.

    Every Merhi Group house demolition project includes:

    • Free written quotation
    • Demolition permit application
    • Asbestos removal
    • Recycling of materials to minimize waste to landfill
    • Tree and stump removal
    • Site clearing
    • Excavations
    Recycling building materials after residential demolition

    Merhi Group also has a strong focus on recycling and we always endeavour to sort, strip and salvage all possible materials for each and every project. We recycle over 80% of the following materials such as concrete, timber, metal, solid bricks and green waste from every demolition project without burdening our clients with additional costs. Importantly, this also means less waste to landfills and a big green boost for your project’s environmental performance.

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