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Office Strip outs Melbourne

With our impeccable safety record and considerable industry experience Merhi Group has built a solid reputation in the industry that we are proud of.

Stripping out or demolishing an office in Melbourne is a meticulous and risky affair as caution needs to be taken not to damage any adjoining property during the process. This is where Merhi Group offers you an experienced Melbourne team specialising in office strip outs. We ensure that your office strip out or demolition project is carried out in a smooth and easy process without damaging neither your nor surrounding property.

Why office strip outs need an experienced team

Stripping out fully installed workstations, floor coverings, asbestos, glass doors, escalators, electrical appliances, and other complex installed items require experience, a team that has the ability to complete the job in a timely manner for the planned budget.

Hiring a group of novice labourers might sound like an easy and cheap alternative, but at most times they don’t know how to defit and remove fixtures, suspended ceilings, mezzanines, foyer, reception signage and other essential items. They might end up doing more harm than good.

Melbourne is a busy and thriving city, it’s a hub of offices and business that can’t afford errors or downtime, we follow all the governing demotion rules and regulations while doing the job. Our biggest priority is to deliver a project successfully.


Office strip out & demotion services we provide:

– Removal of complex furnishing that includes kitchenettes, lockers etc.,

– Removal of internal walls, partitions, mezzanines, suspended ceilings

– Removal of the foyer and reception signage

– Removal of floor grindings and coverings as well as asbestos.

– Removal of escalators and any staircase that doesn’t damage the main building’s structural framework.


Ready to get expert advice and a quote on your office strip out a project?

Just give us a call and our experienced project manager will visit your office for a thorough inspection at your convenient time. We will discuss your project with you to fully understand every aspect carefully and chalk out a plan to get the best outcome on your strip out or demolition. We take great care during the demolishing and stripping out a procedure to make sure that no commercial space incurs any damage.

To achieve this there needs to be a clear level of coordination among the workers to deliver the project on time, our experienced supervisors take care that the work is done with no or minimum level of clatter and confusion during the strip out process.

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