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    Commercial demolition Melbourne wide, requires an in-depth knowledge of our city’s many different locations and environments, and hard-earned expertise in delivering successful partial or complete demolition outcomes.

    As commercial demolition Melbourne contractors, Merhi Group services all of both the city and regional Victoria. Our team has more than two decades of expertise in delivering excellent and timely results for both new build and commercial renovation situations. This covers factory, office, school, retail and many other locations, plus public infrastructure projects involving structural modifications, strip outs – and also the special requirements of any heritage location work. All of our work is delivered at highly-competitive rates and to the highest of standards.

    Commercial Demolition Services

    Commercial demolition services, for any size or scope of project, requires a wide range of both knowledge and expertise. Family-owned Merhi Group has undertaken such work for more than twenty years. With much repeat business and many recommendations from satisfied clients, we are noted for:

    • An ongoing determination to communicate with clarity and purpose
    • Working to optimise demolition costs in line with project budget requirements
    • Complete commitment to proven safe demolition services practices
    • The 100% safe removal of any asbestos – Merhi Group holds a Class B Asbestos Removal Certification
    • A desire to maximise all recycling possibilities, using sort, strip and salvage practices, currently achieving a more than 80% plus success rate, with no addition to project costs
    • Delivering our services, at any location, with professionalism and tact
    • Commitment to unbeatable post-work clean-up practices

    Undertaking commercial demolition services, we hold public liability insurance up to $20M, and Merhci Group is certified by the Registration of Building Practitioners Victoria.

    Commercial Demolition Experience

    There are so many different types of commercial demolition operations. This is a key reason why experienced professionals bring so much to each site, location or situation. From major development operations, to more intimate partial or complete commercial demolition tasks, the experience of our Merhi Group experts is valued for so many different types of work.

    From complete new builds to renovation situations, the value of our unmatched commercial demolition know-how is fully brought to bear. We are the trusted choice for so many development projects, across Melbourne and the surrounding area. Regular clients appreciate our expertise as partners throughout all relevant stages of their project. They know we operate in a hassle-free way, and can be left to get on with exactly what needs to be done.

    Our commitment to clearing-up means that the lack of debris that others may simply leave behind is also much appreciated. Finally, our commitment to recycle as much as possible offers an important green boost for the vital environmental considerations so integral for modern-day projects.

    Office Demolition

    Our team is experienced in both partial and complete office demolition projects. These may be located in or around the Melbourne CBD, or in any of the surrounding commercial areas, and beyond the city boundaries. We understand the need to deal with key areas, such as strict traffic management, where appropriate. We appreciate that office demolition projects must cause as little interruption to other and ongoing work activities; and fully understand the importance of safety as we work, and of demonstrating professionalism at all times, before leaving the environment in a sound and clean condition after our office demolition project work is complete.

    School Demolition

    Whether undertaking either a partial or complete school demolition, our Merhi Group professionals fully understand the sensitive nature of such work, and appreciate that it is often carried-out within, or close to, busy residential locations. We know it is important to meet your timescale and any other unique location requirements for such projects. Using the appropriate high-tech equipment, we work to control and minimise the emission, noise and vibration impacts which will be a key part of any school demolition project. After our work is complete, we will ensure a complete clean up is undertaken; appreciating the importance of site safety and integrity.

    Shop Demolition

    When a partial or complete shop demolition is required – whether for a single building or a group of such structures, we fully understand how both public safety and minimal disruption will be major priorities. We carefully plan key areas such as traffic management, hoardings, the control of noise or emissions; while making a minimal impact on any ongoing trading activities during shop demolition projects. We also appreciate that, often, other retail or commercial activities need to continue with as little disruption as possible. Our commitment to timely shop demolition activities, and an unmatched level of post-operation clean-up, see Merhi Group as the obvious choice for so many such projects.

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